Saugatuck Kitchens


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Gluten Free

Variety of gluten free items.


Japanese dumpling with assorted fillings.


Authentic Spanish pastry with savory or sweet fillings hand forked.

Mini Filled Brioche

Mini hollowed out brioche filled with a variety of combinations.


Crispy croquettes on the oustside and moist on the inside.


A unique assortment of homemade tart shells with a perfect balance of fillings.


Arborio rice in a variety of combinations then shaped into cakes or balls.

Phyllo Pastry

Our fresh phyllo dough is layered with 100% sweet butter, filled then hand shaped.

Puff Pastry

Our puff pastry is made with 100% sweet butter for layers of "melt in your mouth" flakiness.

Spring Rolls

Authentic spring rolls filled with a variety of mouth watering fillings.


A variety of items on bamboo skewers.

Assorted Bites

A variety of unique and creative bites.